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10 Benefits of Coconut Milk


Coconut Milk is used in many food industries – in sweets preparation, sausages and many more, but that’s not its only use. Most of the coconut milk fat is saturated fat.  Coconut milk is sweet and tastes nearly the same as does cow’s milk.  The health benefits of Coconut Milk are various; below I will show the top ten of its benefits and what it cures.

1.Prevents Anemia 

Anemia is caused by lack of iron in our blood; worldwide this is a very common problem nowadays for people to suffer from a deficiency of this nutrient. Red cells need a certain amount of oxygen level in order for our body to function properly and lack of iron results in lack of hemoglobin and its development; therefore it will result in anemia but don’t fear. With only one cu of coconut milk you will provide to your body with one quarter of the iron amount that it needs.

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2.Helps with maintain blood sugar places

Manganese is one of the coconut milk sources; a lack of manganese in our blood can be cause because of glucose intolerance, but consuming coconut milk regularly this will not be a problem anymore. There are other type of foods that are rich in manganese such as- nuts, legumes and whole brains.

3.Keeps skin elastic and blood vessels flexible

Coconut milk is rich in vitamin B and copper, which are very important for our body. As years passes by our skin tend to lose its elasticity and that’s when wrinkles start to appear. There has been so many trying and experiments trying to find the source of the eternal youth, I am not saying that coconut milk will do that but it will definitely make your skin more elastic therefore a better and fresh look.

4.Keeps your bones strong

We all have heard that for stronger bones you need calcium but calcium is not the only one which has the ability of making your bones stronger. Bone can strengthen is you consume phosphorous daily. If you have a problem with bones loss then consuming coconut milk it will help a lot; it’s natural way to keep your body health and bones strong.

5.Relaxes nerves and muscles

As we mentioned above coconut milk is rich in magnesium which can help you relax your muscles. Sore muscles can be really painful and cramps are not very enjoyable. When it comes to nerve cells, magnesium function like a gate that prevent nerve cells becoming very active; because when they do so it’s when pain starts. We all have feel headache and muscles pain and the only wish is to get rid of them as quick as possible.

6.Keeps your weight under control

Coconut milk is rich in fibers which makes you fill full very easily. This can be very good news to all of you who trying to lose weight. Losing weight is a painful stressful journey, it takes a lot of determination and will, but you can make this journey a bit more enjoyable by consuming coconut milk to lose weight.

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Coconut milk

7.It low High blood pressure

One in six people in America suffer from high blood pressure but that’s not the only nation with such a big alarming number, all around the world people suffer with high blood pressure.  Potassium is found in coconut milk and one of its functions is to lower blood pressure. If you consume coconut milk  soon you will no longer have problem living with a high blood pressure, which can be very risky as is number one cause of heart attacks.

8.Debase the risk of joint inflammation

Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by low levels of selenium; Selenium is an antioxidant that plays a big role in our body. Without it our body can be in a high risk of facing the arthritis symptoms but with the coconut milk that is rich in selenium this should not be a problem anymore. Consume coconut milk for a healthy life and a free-worry from rheumatoid arthritis.

9.Helps your immune system

Low immune system can cause a lot of health problems. Especially during the winter where flu is number one concern. Coconut milk is rich in vitamin C, which is essential for our immune system. If you want to prevent flu and strengthen your immune system

10.Prevent Cancer

Studies have shown that coconut milk because it’s rich in zinc and also it slows down the activity of cancer cells.

I hope you found helpful the tips above that explain the connection between coconut milk and how it affects our body and its benefit. Coconut milk it can also be consumed by people who are allergic by cow’s milk (like I am). It is a rare allergy but can be pretty annoying, so for all of you who found helpful this tips, thank you, and have a healthy life.