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10 Different Wrap Hijab Looks


Every component or accessory worn as your complete Hijab outfit matters and has got various styles. One of them is wrapping of the scarf and it can be done in multiple ways following a few simple steps. This part is somewhat significant as it can change your entire look. Out of many, below are 10 different wrap hijab looks to try and choose the one most suitable and unique for yourself.

Wrap Style 1

One way is to wrap a medium sized scarf all around the face covering the ears and in such a way that the border comes at one side of the face. To keep it firm and in place, one can use a silver broach that will give both a neat and stylish look to your outfit.

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Wrap Style 2

A simple and comfy style is to use the band that ties the hair. These bands are commonly available in white and black color. After this, wrap the scarf with a single turn and slight protrusion of band margin at forehead. It is an easier way but decent at the same time.

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Wrap Style 3

To go for a formal look, the wrap style can be as shown below, which is also referred as the pyramid wrap style by some people. You just need to tie all your hair back with slight raise and then use your printed scarf or stole to cover them along with forehead.

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Wrap Style 4

You can also choose a plain, bright color chiffon scarf with sequences work at front border. Giving a neat look overall, the border can be rolled inwards instead of using some pin.

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Wrap Style 5

Here is another elegant wrap hijab look in which the mixed woolen scarf is fixed by pinching some of its part onto the inside at one side of an ear.

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Wrap Style 6

A purple or darker shade band beneath, with a lighter color shade pashmina scarf on it looks great as a whole. It can be set it in a way that it gives a fine fall at front.

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Wrap Style 7

Here is another very simple and easy to adapt wrap hijab look. You can easily find matching colored pins to adjust the fabric properly on your head.

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Wrap Style 8

A silky scarf with a delicate lace on top gives a charming appearance and not much effort is required as you can see below.

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Wrap Style 9

You can also use a stretchable fabric for wrap. As seen in the picture a bright purple color scarf is worn having a very beautiful motif on top and is looking smart and tidy.

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Wrap Style 10

In this wrap style, the scarf is tied with a knot at front. It is most suitable when you are wearing a hijab coat or jacket.

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