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2013 Hijab Colors


The official color for the 2013 has been announced and its green- or better emerald green. An amazing color that connects us with nature; but that is not the only popular color for this year. There are some certain colors that you can match with your outfit and especially with hijab. In this article you will read about some of the best colors for the year 2013.

1- Red wine color or Maroon– which is derived from French marron (“chestnut”), is a very hot color for this year and very suitable to wear in these cold days. A maroon hijab would perfectly match with a brown jacket. There are many ways to combine a maroon hijab and still look cool, because the color itself is a must in every women closet. Keep yourself stylish and try the red wine hijab, before the winter goes off.

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2-As we mentioned above, emerald green is the color of this year and wearing a green hijab can make your look very fashionable. There are many shades of green and for the cold winter days I would suggest a dark green hijab as it is shown in the picture. You can combine a green hijab with cream colors outfits, gold, and dark brown.

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3 – Dark Blue is one of the most fashionable colors for winter. Be careful to choose the right shade, if you for a light blue hijab then I would suggest to wait a little bit more, spring is soon to come but for now let’s focus on the dark blue hijab. There are many colors you can match a blue hijab, such as pink, light brown, and yellow. You can always match it with blue accessories as well; it will make you look amazing. And if you have blue eyes like the girl in the picture- better get used to wear blue hijab more often.

 2013 Hijab Colors blue hijab

4- Purple is a very beautiful color and for this year dark purple is very likable; you can wear a dark purple hijab and combine with different shades of purple or with black. As purple is a strong color there are not many options to combine it with outfit; therefore I would go with black or dark colors.

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Note: These are only some of the colors for this year; as winter hasn’t left yet, we only mentioned the dark colors. More colors will come once spring arrives. .Hope you ladies enjoyed the tips!