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3 Modern Diy Rugs in Easiest way

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Are you diy lover?

wanted to decorate your home with rugs?

Are you Interested in rugs?

If You’re interested in Do it yourself projects, then this Diy Rug Project will help you to design your rug on your own with the help of colorful ropes and different things, that I will mention below today. You can use these rugs on your living room, bedroom, and bathroom, and Everywhere you want to use these rugs, you can use it. whatever you want to do with rugs and If you want colorful rugs ideas about your kid’s bedroom.

So here, I’ll tell you about Diy rugs that you can easily make it in your home. I will give you some most popular rugs, these rugs are trending on internet, most of people use these tips and they easily make it, These tips are easier than others. Look at below and do it yourself. Enjoy!!

Wool Rugs

3 Modern Diy Rugs in Easiest way Wool Rugs Diy


This is knitted rug, and It is easiest rug, that you can do at your home. Many years ago, these knitting was very common on those days, It’s very economical way to make your old tradition back. It is so easy, and you can save money as well as your time to do this project, and I also suggest you to add lots of color in it. That is make your rug very attractive. Diy Wool Rug Full tutorial. here you can get all the information about Wool rug.



How to make Pom Poms

3 Modern Diy Rugs in Easiest way Pom Pom Rug


Pom Pom Rug, Yes. It’s trending on internet, most of people use it. and You can use it in your baby room. It’s very soft and smoothie. If you use it in your room, It looks likes very interesting. Use colors like yellow and pink for pom pom rug.

You will need…

Wool yarn (different Size)
colors (which you like it)
Two toilet papers rolls
Diy Pom Pom Rug Full tutorial. Here you can get it.


Pebble bath mat Diy

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It’s very interesting thing, that I ever seen it, but people are making it. They are happy with their result. People usually use it in bathroom, because it’s pebble bath mat. Most of people think that, It’s very slippery for the bathroom, but It isn’t. and It also use for outside, and This is cleaned just like tile. Diy pebble bath mat Full Tutorial. You can get all the information on tutorial. Best of Luck !

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