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5 Refreshing Ramadan Drinks


Ramadan is the month of blessings, sanctity and purity. It enhances your life spiritually and morally.  The holy month teaches self control on hunger, thirst, anger and desires. The basic purpose of Ramadan is to inculcate the feeling of compassion in humans for the less fortunate fellow beings.

The month depicts Muslim unity and fraternity as the entire Muslim community follows an exact time table for their daily routine. During Ramadan, Muslims fast. Fasting actually means that they don’t eat and drink form dawn till sunset. Just as the sun goes down, they are allowed to eat and drink according to their will.

As one inhibits himself from any eating or drinking activity throughout the day, the time of iftar (beak fast) brings a unique and sheer happiness for him.  Not only he realizes the hardships of poor fellows but also he thanks Allah Almighty for granting him all the blessings. Only a Muslim can tell the sheer happiness and satisfaction when he intakes a glass of water at iftar time.

Refreshing Ramadan Drinks

When you break your fast after a prolonged day, you need some energetic intake to balance the calorie requirement. So, today we have brought you some refreshing and quick Ramadan drinks.

In this year, Ramadan has come in summers so we can go for various drinks at iftar. These drinks will boost up your energy with proper nutrients.

Mango Shake

  • Peel the mangoes and cut them into small chunks. Place the mango pieces into your blender and blend the fruit until it becomes smooth in texture.
  • Then, add sugar with milk or yogurt as per choice with ice cubes and blend it again until the required thickness and sweetness is achieved.
  • Your mango shake is ready, garnish it with mango cubes and serve it to your family.

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Lassi ( Yogurt Drink)

It is a quick and energetic drink. Just mix up yogurt and soft drink in equal quantity and blend it in blender for a small time and you are ready with your instant Lassi.

5 Refreshing Ramadan Drinks  lassi

Date Shake

  • It is one of the tastiest shakes and easy to make. You need to pit the dates and then blend them with milk at high speed in a blender. For further taste, you can add ice cream as well and blend further until it is mixed well.
  • After wards, pour the shake into a chilled glass and top it with whipped cream.
  • Thus you are ready with energy boosting date shake.

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Lemon and Pepper Drink

Lemon and pepper is the best combo ever. Just take lemon syrup, mix it with sugar and pour it in chilled glass. Sprinkle a pinch of pepper in it and you are done!

5 Refreshing Ramadan Drinks  lemon drinks

Banana Shake

Again, it is a quick recipe. Peel the bananas, cut them into small pieces. Add sugar and milk. Blend the mixture in blender until required thickness is achieved.

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