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5 Tips For Soft Hands In Fall & Winter

Hand Care
Hand Care

Winter is the season where we should take care of our skin from getting rough, especially hands.

Hands are the part of the body which are most exposed to cold than any other area therefore it is recommended to take a special care for your hands. Having beautiful and soft hands is really an amazing feeling to yourself and people you are in contact; nobody likes having chapped and raw hands.  Here are five tips which you should follow during the winter to maintain your soft and beautiful hands.

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Hand Care


Wear Gloves.  Gloves are a must on the cold winter days. Going out without wearing gloves on the extreme low temperatures is something you should think twice.  Chapped and dry skin is not something enjoyable therefore choosing high quality gloves will protect your hands a lot. If you are into fashion and want your outfit to match with gloves, I am sure there are many shops which provide very fashionable gloves for this winter.

Scrub your hands. In order to have clean hands is important to scrub them once or twice a week but not more because doing so too much will damage your skin. By scrubbing your hands you will get rid of dead cells as well as having soft and clean hands.  If you are more into homemade ingredients then I would really suggest making your own scrub with only two ingredients which are easy to find, sugar scrub and olive oil. Mix these two ingredients together and you will have your own scrub to keep your hands soft.

Massage. By massaging your hands at least once a day with olive oil or any other hand crème you find suitable, you will increase the blood circulation on your hands, in addition your hands will be soft.

Use Olive Oil.  Olive Oil is very beneficial for your skin, by rubbing your hands with few drops of olive oil every night before going to bed; you will save yourself the next day. Olive Oil gives a sensual sensation to your hands by making them soft and protective from the cold.

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Use Olive Oil for Soft Hands

Moisturize.  Moisturizing your hands is very important on the cold days of winter therefore you should buy a quality natural crème to apply to your hands at least three times a day. Dry hands shouldn’t be a problem when there are so many options and tips on how to keep your hands soft.

You can apply all your tips above for a better result, is never too much care when there is cold outside.