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5 Tips to Consider When Shopping for Islamic Clothing


Loose fitted clothes with a Hijab (head covering) are recommended for women, according to Islamic teachings. This is the reason you see most Muslim women wearing long shirts, abayas and jilbabs. Given below are our top 5 tips to consider when shopping for Islamic clothing.

1. How to Shop and Dress up According to Islamic Clothing?

The type of clothes you want to wear under your hijab depends on your comfort level. If you desire to wear a tighter outfit, cover it up with a jilbab or abaya. You can also combine jeans or tights under a long flowing dress.

2.Hijab Fashion Tips

Stick to a Few Textures

Do not wear a pleated style hijab around the neck or shoulders when wearing ruffle dress or top, as it does not go well with your overall appearance. As a rule of thumb, buy a hijab of texture opposite to your clothing. For example, a plain hijab material is perfect to complementing flattering outfits.

Clean and Simple Designs

What works for some individuals may not necessarily work for you. Therefore, find your own feature and work around it. Buy a simple hijab to accolade your colorful summer dress or maxi. After all, simplicity has beauty in itself.

Avoid Too Many Colors

Instead of wearing a hijab of multiple colors, focus on the main shades of your outfit. If your attire contains 2 colors, make sure to buy a hijab matching those colors. At the same time, also avoid dressing up entirely in similar colors such as red hijab with red dress and red shoes. Learn about the different color combinations to shop and dress up accordingly.

Highlight One Point

You can also dress up by highlighting one point of your outfit. For instance, you can highlight your nice printed silky hijab with a plain textured tunic and loose printed trousers. But when wearing any flattering dress such as long printed skirt, match it with a top and plain wrap hijab without fancy folds.

3. Choose Up-to-Date Accessorize

Accessories like fashion jewelry, hijab pins, brooches, sunglasses, watches and handbags add to the subtle and flair of your attire. Shopping a few interesting pieces will add an exciting touch to your style. However, do not go with bright colored hijab and shiny tops with a lot of bangles at the same time, as going for a lot of different accessories may just clutter the entire look.

4. Stay Away From Clinging Fabrics

Avoid clinging fabrics such as jersey, maxi dress or a tunic! These have the capacity to cling to all the wrong body areas, otherwise use an Abaya to cover it outside. You can also wear a top made of spandex blend under a jacket or coat.

5. Buy Hijabi Friendly Clothing in Off Season

Stock up your wardrobe to buy hijab wearable clothing such as long shirts, tunics, long skirts, maxi dresses, abayas, jilbabs and caftan style tops in off-season to save money. Many online shops these days extend them in various colors and styles. Do not forget to search around in order to find the best Islamic clothing deals. Happy shopping!