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7 Ways to Improve your Memory


Having a strong memory is a gift; but unfortunately not all of us are gifted to remember names, events, face; and this can make life a lot harder. Especially during the academic years; It can be so frustrating reading the same book over and over again, and when it comes to exam you just can’t remember the details. Well this is about to change, because there are many ways to improve your memory and I have listed here 7 (which I think are the most important ones).

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1 Stay Mentally Active:
Our brain is no different from our body; to keep the brain fit and strong you need to exercise it. If you stay passive without any interest to put your brain in work then you won’t be able to remember many things. The best ways to stay mentally active is by keeping the brain busy, such as puzzles, video games, card games; anything that grab your attention and makes your brain stay active. Also you can read psychological/ philosophical books that will enhance your IQ.

2 Focus
Don’t just look, observe. When you listen to others, focus on their words and the message they trying to give; when you look at places, don’t just look without wondering’ have interest in things you do. Whatever you do, do it with passion, otherwise you won’t enjoy it and you will be out of focus; therefore remembering much of what you did/doing will be pretty hard.

3 Choose your food
There are certain foods that are proven to really improve the memory. Such as eggs, salmon, walnuts, carrots, milk and so on. Also I am sure you have heard about the black chocolate, if not then is time for you to know that most of the students while studying before exam, they eat black chocolate to improve the memory. Black chocolate is rich in omega3- fatty acid, therefore it will stimulate your brain as well as strengthening it.

4 Use Mnemonics
Mnemonics are a great tool to strengthen your memory and remember things better. Before you use mnemonics you firstly have to identify what type of memory you have. There are different types, such as visual memory, audio memory. For example there are many people that once they see an image, face, number they can’t forget it; and there are others which have a strong memory of spoken words.

5 Release stress and depression
I am sure that each of you has dealt with stress or depression once in your life; but when stress and depression becomes chronic we tend to lose focus; once the focus is lost we can hardly remember anything. Don’t just sit in a corner and wait in vain for things to change or putting yourself down. Remember that like anything good, even the bad things don’t last forever. Life is a journey of changes; therefore change your life through productive and active ways. Go out for a walk, go to gym, swim, keep contacts with friends and family, open up with people, and don’t build walls instead of bridges.

6 Have proper sleep
Having a proper sleep it helps not only by having a healthy lifestyle but also by strengthening your memory. During the school times, students don’t really have a proper sleep; staying up late at night studying won’t help you. Instead makeup a schedule and do things one at a time. List your priorities and find time to do your obligations as well as your hobbies. But you cannot do that by lacking sleep and expecting a healthy life and a strong memory.

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7 Review your medication
There can be different medication that you are taking and that directly don’t have to do or affect your memory but make sure that it really doesn’t. Nearly all medications have side effects, therefore better review the medication you are taking if it affects your memory or not. Talk with your doctor for a better explanation of your medicine and the side effects.