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8 Awesome Eyeliner Tricks!


Ancient Middle East and Mesopotamia women were the first ones to discover the amazing tricks of eyeliner. It is now been used by many women worldwide and has become womens favorite for so many reassons. While color eyeshadows can create a fancy look, eyeliner can give you more than that.

Women add eyeliner to create a dramatic look, or a fresh simple look, there are many ways to use eyliner same as are many styles to apply it. Below you are going to see the top 8 eyeliner tricks.

1. The classic cat- eye is the best type of eyeliner if you want a young and fresh look. It is very beautiful and easy to do.

8 Awesome Eyeliner Tricks! ultra liner waterproof liquid liner model shot 145110

2- Get colorful, usually eyeliner is black but it doesn’t have to be like that.You can try different colors of eyeliner and look gorgeous

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3- Thick eyeliner- is a good choice if you are applying eyeshadow as well, it gives a dramatic look..or if you want something modest, just apply a thick eyeliner very close to your upper lashes.

8 Awesome Eyeliner Tricks! Close up of beautiful woman with make up malyugin

4- Super smudge . not many dare to apply this kind of eyeliner because for some is just over the top, but for all those who do blend it good until it looks like this;

8 Awesome Eyeliner Tricks! smudge black liner

5-Eyeliner with two wings, this kind of eyeliner gives the impression of fake eyeleshes and looks really cute. The under line make the eyes pop

8 Awesome Eyeliner Tricks! Two Wings are Better Than One Double winged eyeliner makeup tutorial 02

6- Glitter eyeliner is fabulous for evening events or party, it makes your eyes sparkle

8 Awesome Eyeliner Tricks! sea green glitter eyeliner with extra elongated impression

7- Black eyeliner all way around- this type of eyeliner is really liked by girls because it creates a smooth black line around eye. Usually girls use a black eyeliner on the uper lashes and then a black pencil on the inside part of the lower lasesh.

8 Awesome Eyeliner Tricks! cateye

8- Bold eyeliner, are quite dramatic but fashionable at the same time. If you fail to do a thick line apply a bold line because nobody fails to make a bold line perfectly

8 Awesome Eyeliner Tricks! 60s cateye liner