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8 Things Men Love About Women


There are many things that men like and dislike about women, things they do, say- and so on. But after asking many different men we got the idea of what men in general love about women. I am not saying that all the men think alike but most of them love in a woman the things listed below:

1 Smell good and be soft. Men love women that small good that take care of their personal hygiene; but not only that, they love women that are soft. Men are not looking for the kind for the kind of women that act like men or the ones who try to be bossy and tough. They don’t want a male buddy, they don’t want a boss- they want a soft woman to treat them gently.

2be a good listener. Who said that only woman have the urge to talk about their problems. Believe it or not but men have the same need. If you sit and carefully listen to their words and needs they will love you forever.

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3Express yourself freely. Men don’t like to guess or play mind games, saying something and meaning something else. Speak freely with men, express yourself good and make them now what you mean by asking them if they totally understand you. Don’t let men guessing, nobody can read your mind; therefore be open and clear.

4Don’t be afraid to cry. Men have it difficult to deal with their emotions and especially to cry; but that doesn’t make then insensitive. But what men really love is a woman that isn’t afraid to cry and show how much someone/something means to her.

5 Self confidence. Men love self confident women. Why? because they have personality and know what they want out of life. If you have it difficult to understand what a self confident woman should be, check my last article on “how to build self confidence”.

6 High Heels. Now, high heels maybe are not for every woman, and if they are not for you don’t be angry, some of us have a difficult time walking on high heels; Men think that high heels makes a woman body more sexy and attractive. That can be true but it all depends on you.

7Don’t be clingy. Men love independent women that have a life and are surrounded with friends, different activities; the kind of a woman which include them in their life but doesn’t make them their life. Being too clingy and needy is a turn off for men.

8You demand respect. Respect yourself and your body; nobody wants to be with an easy woman. Men like to pursue; therefore plying a little bit hard to get wont kill you. Keep in mind that people will treat you the way you let them to treat you. Always respect yourself and ask the same from your partner.