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Abaya Styles in Dubai


Islam is a religion which guides us in every sphere of life. Abaya is the key element of Hijab for the women, who are citizen and living in the Dubai. The basic purpose of wearing the Abaya is to cover the body. In the Quran, Allah ordered that, women should hide their body parts except the hands, eyes and feet. The restriction  which Islam puts on the women is that their Abaya doesn’t be see through to others and also the body structure should not be prominent to others. The reason why Islam has put deep concern about the Hijab has the following reasons.

The opposite gender doesn’t feels attracted towards you, if you are covering the body. You can also feel safe and protected in Abaya, no one can touch and stare at you. The Abaya is a common dress which is especially worn in the region of Middle East like Saudi Arabia and  Dubai. Different styles of Abaya are available in the market. Many brands are working on the collection of the Abaya. Prices of Abaya varies because now-a-days women want to look stylish and up to date with the fashion. The Abaya are of different types, the traditional Abaya is of black color and kaftan style is much in trend. The fancy and embroidery design are also in the fashion and are usually worn on special events like weddings. In Dubai, many shops are available which gives you the designer wear Abaya or kaftan. People all around the world come to Dubai and shop abayas. So next time when you plan to visit Dubai do buy some trendy abayas for you. So let’s now scroll through some of the Abaya styles in Dubai.


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