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Amazing Hijab Tips for School Girls


Wearing Hijab is a proof of your faith in Islamic teachings. It is unique piece of cloth which can walkout a Muslim woman with pride and elegance. A properly pinned up scarf is a perfect way to cover your hairs and neck. As a Muslim girl grows up, she has to accustom herself to Islamic obligations and take care of her duties to Allah Almighty.

There are a few considerable tips for school girls so that their Hijab will not only depict their strong character but also make them look decent. A Muslim girl can develop her own signature style by wearing a stoler or dupatta in a smart way.

Tips for School Girls

As a first step towards the choice of a right kind of Hijab for your school, you should keep in mind your uniform code and school rules.

Stay Modest in Actions

As a second step, take care of the fact that Hijab is a peculiar outfit related to Muslims. When you are wearing it, you are being look upon as an ambassador of the Islamic world. So, you should try to be modest in your actions just like your looks.

After some serious considerations, here come the tips you are most interested in i.e. how to style your head cover to get a trendy look? There are a variety of ways for embellishing your Hijab look. You can choose from a variety of cool styles of scarves with head bands and bows.

Scarf Choice – Which one is best?

While selecting a scarf for school, you should take care that the chosen scarf compliments your uniform to give a decent look. As far as the choice of colors is concerned, mostly neutral colors go with school uniforms. It is a better option to consider classically shaped, neutral colored plan scarf for school Hijab.

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Another important thing to be kept in mind is the fabric choice. The fabric should be airy to keep you comfortable throughout the day at your school. Usually, stain and polyester are suitable for this purpose.

 How to add Style to your Hijab?

If you want to add some colors to your style, then a printed scarf can also be chosen. You need to take care that the patter and design may not overdo your look. The best way to choose scarf print is to complement your scarf print with your eye color. If you have brown eyes, buy an animal print and if you have blue eyes, a flowery print will be more suitable for you.

The Most Important

The last but not the least important fact is that your Hijab should not be a burden for you. Get your Hijab styled in such a way that it coordinates will all types of activities you perform each day at high school.

I hope that all these tips will help you in acquiring a peculiar iconic style and a modest image among your school friends.