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Apple Face Mask, Homemade Recipes

Apple Beauty Recipes
Apple Beauty Recipes

The benefits of apples are well known, such as weight loose,  assures protection from different types of cancer, and it strengthen your immunity system among other things. As the famous quote says, “one apple a day keeps the doctor away”. As you can see it is quiet effective therefore there is a new way of utilizing apples for more benefits and that is by preparing apple mask for your skin.

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Apple Beauty Recipes

Apple Recipes for an Amazing Healthy Skin: 

Natural Cleanser.  For preparing a natural apple cleanser you will need one tablespoon of apple juice, and one of organic honey as well as two tablespoon of milk. Mix together these three ingredients until it becomes like one, take a cotton ball and with it apply the just made apple cleanser all over your face and neck. After applying it leave it like that for couple of minutes and then wash it with warm water.  By applying this apple cleanser your skin will get bright and soft.

Clear Skin. For a clear and toned skin, use this amazing apple mask, all natural and easy to prepare. You will need half an apple cut in real small pieces or chopped in food processor, two tablespoon of rolled oats, one and a half tablespoon of cornmeal and one tablespoon of honey, mix these ingredients together until becomes like a paste and apply it all over your face gently, and after leaving it for few minutes wash it with warm water. Is a great way of taking care of your skin with natural products and very effective.

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Apple Beauty Recipes

Apple mask to tone and tight your skin.  If you want a tight skin that will make you look younger as well as fresh, then you need to do this great apple mask. For this you will need one apple, chopped in blender, don’t forget to remove the seeds, and after in a cup of warm water let it boils. Let it cool after and add witch hazel, a quarter cup.  With a cotton ball apply this paste all over your face and then wash it with warm water it will refresh and glow your skin, you will no longer look tired after using this great paste. It makes you look fresh and tighten your skin at the same time.