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Apple Health Benefits

health benefits of apple juice

The benefits of eating apples are plenty, as the famous quote “one apple per day keeps doctor away” says, so my advice is to eat more and more apples.

1. Eating apples is one of the best ways to keep your teeth white, it will directly affect on lowing the bacteria in your mouth and make your teeth shinny.

2. As many studies have shown so far, drinking daily the juice of apples it will keep your brain young and fight with mental disease.
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3. Did you know that eating fruits helps to deal with different disease and one of them is the Parkison disease? Apple makes that happen, so in case you haven’t realize by now low the risk of having Parkison just by eating apples.

4. Apple peel is been said by many studies done recently that it helps with cancer cells and is very recommended by anyone that wants to prevent it, cancer is the second killer in America .

5. The skin of apple seems to be very effected on heart disease.
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6. Having problems with weight? Want to lose kilograms or just want to stay fit,then apples are the one you need, green apples are quiet recommended for eight problems.

7. Asthma , yes believe it or not for children who suffer from asthma there is a way to make life less painful and that is by drinking apples juice, start that in daily bases and soon you will see the result.