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Arabic clothing in trend these days


There are some of the traditions and culture which are dependent upon a particular region, people, cast, color or creed. Like the language, the native clothing also holds key position in reflecting and enhancing the culture of any region. In our previous articles we have discussed some of the regional dresses of South East and Far East Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Burma, Thailand, etc. So today we are bringing some of the famous Arabic clothing which are in trend these days.  So without wasting any time let’s have a look at these dresses.


A bisht is one of the most ancient and traditional Arabic dress for men. Bisht is basically a cloak which is flowing outwards and is usually made of wool and is normally worn over the thobe. It is soft to touch and is usually found in black, brown, beige, cream or grey in color. This is a symbol of prestige for most of the Arabic men and all the high dignitaries and officials wear it on special occasions like weddings, festivals, meetings, etc.

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Fez is a traditional hat which is worn by Arabic men. It is usually made from felt and is available in two types i.e. the shape of a truncated cone made of red felt and in the form of a short cylinder made of kilim fabric. Atassel is attached to the top of both these types. Fez has a great historic significance and it has been a part of dress even during the times of war and during some official meeting. Today, we see many Muslim leaders wear Fez with their dress to represent their respect and dignity.

Arabic clothing in trend these days 2049fez


Izaar is a type of a garment typically worn by men of the Arabic world to cover their legs and is wrapped tightly around waist. It is considered as a casual dress and is worn in homes. In the parts of India and Pakistan it is called as Lungi and is worn by villagers. If we talk about its fabric then it is similar to a kilt, however it is lighter and thinner. It is usually striped or patterned with bold colors.

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Keffiyeh is a traditional head wear which is a square scarf, usually made of cotton and is worn by Arabs. It’s major function is to protect the head from sunburn, dust and sand i.e. the extremities of weather which is experienced in the Arabian world. Its checkered pattern is its traditional look. Many Arabian leaders and kings are seen wearing Keffiyeh when they appear in public.

Arabic clothing in trend these days man with head scarf


Commonly known as Punjabi pants, Sirwal is a form of baggy trousers typically worn in Muslim countries. Men normally wear it for casual occasions however it can be equally used for formal events. Sirwal like any other pant or pajama is worn at either the waist or hip level. Sirwal are worn by men under the thawb, or with some sort of loose top.

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