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Now a days there is very much trend of hijab in the world, as it reflects the Islamic values. Many Islamic countries has made hijab compulsory but some non Muslim countries passed the law of banning it. According to Islam, woman must cover her head and “hijab” means covering. It is one of the sources used to cover your head, shoulder and throat except your face. It helps the woman to walk freely and feel comfortable. It is taken by both young and old woman. Their percentage is 80. The trend of hijab is changing from area to area and culture to culture.

There are many fashionable and modern ways to wear the head scarf (hijab) depending upon the choice and taste. Designers are now trying to give a new look to it with the passage of time. They are changing their style, accessories and stuff to make it more glamorous. This is becoming the fashion statement for Muslim countries. There is wide range of color and designs in hijab. While choosing it, keep in mind that it will not only suits you but also gives a complement to your personality.

The trend of hijab started from the Arab and spread in Middle East. Wearing a hijab in a right way is necessary otherwise it will lose its beauty, grace and its elegant look. Choose the hijab according to your face shape. Some of the Arabic hijab styles are as follows:

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