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Arabic Makeup, How to Apply it


Arabian make up is a bit different from other makeup worldwide and that is because of the dramatic look on eyes and lips, as well as the dark eye shadows, usually brown, bronze, black and other dark colors. Let’s look closely how to apply the Arabian makeup step by step.

1.First of all you will need to apply foundation, as any other makeup even this type of makeup needs foundation to make it easier to apply the makeup and as well making it last longer.

2.You will also need a eye shadow base or use a cream for a better lasting eye shadow, you can use a brush or just apply it with your fingers.

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3. When it comes to Arabian makeup light eye shadows are not very used, unless it’s shinny or contains glitter. So in order to make the Arabian makeup you will need one medium color and a dark one, because it needs two colors to do it. Apply the medium color all over your eyelid and the dark color is utilized as contouring, also you can apply the light eye shadow as highlight on your brow bone.

4. Once you have done the eye shadow is time for black pencil. Black pencil is a must when it comes to Arabic makeup, you won’t ever see an Arabic makeup without black pencil in both upper and lower eyelid.

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5. The Arabic makeup is unique because of it has its smokey look, so once you have finished the eyeliner is time to smoke out the eyeliner and create the smokey look by using a brush.  Apply mascara after, in order to make the lashes darker and longer.

6. Now is time for lipstick, once you finish the eye makeup is time for lipstick, Arabic lipsticks are usually dark, of course this depends on taste but a dark one is what a real Arabic make up looks like, you can go with red or dark red or just brown, whatever color suits best to you. Enjoy your Arabian look !