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Baju Muslim Styles


In our previous article I discussed about a traditional dress i.e. Kebaya which is worn specially in Indonesia. Now I will shift my attention towards another South East Asian country which is Malaysia and I will feature one of its famous tradition dress which is called as Baju. Commonly known as Baju Kurung The baju kurung is a traditional costume worn in Malaysia. It can be called as a “loosely enclosed dress”.  Precisely it is more of a loose jacket which is not only worn is Malaysia but also in adjacent countries like Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. It is also the national dress of Malaysia and Brunei.

This dress represents the diversified culture in this region and people wear it with great pleasure. Both men and women can wear it. However, the female dress is referred to as baju kurung, while the male dress is referred to as baju melayu. Earlier Baju Kurung was most long and loose. Being a loose dress women of any physique can wear it hence, this dress was much suited to healthy women. But with time trends changes and we witnessed quite a number of changes in it.

As I have mentioned above that Baju is worn by both men and women so I will discuss these Baju Muslim Styles separately.

Baju for Men

The shirt which men wear normally has three pockets – two are found at the bottom, and the third one at the upper left breast. This kind of shirt is called cekak musang. The other type of shirt is called the teluk belanga which normally has two pockets which are placed both at the bottom. However, whichever shirt you wear it is loosely fitted with long sleeves. Men can wear it with long pants along with a sampin.

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Baju Muslim Styles 007 11a


Baju Muslim Styles 008 04 a


Baju Muslim Styles 8709645 f520


Baju Muslim Styles 51602014


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Baju Muslim Styles moden


Baju for Women

For women baju is a full length dress which is quite loose and it consists of a skirt and a blouse. The skirt is normally made of cloth with has foldings on its one side while the blouse is collarless, has long sleeves, and extends to a medium length which touch your knees. If women want to give them a modern look then they may use some vibrant colors and geometric patterns. To follow Hijab women normally wear scarfs to cover their heads with baju.

Baju Muslim Styles Baju Kurung Cotton 3


Baju Muslim Styles baju kurung manik beads plain polos 05


Baju Muslim Styles baju kurung pahang ecm 2011


Baju Muslim Styles baju kurung pahang tradisional 2011


Baju Muslim Styles hijau


Baju Muslim Styles pretty bju kurung

This completes our today’s article. I hope this collection has inspired you and you really liked it. Share this with your friends and send us your reviews about it. And if you have some other pictures on this style you may send us.


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