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Baking Soda Beauty Tips, Home Remedies.

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Baking soda is usually used in cooking, but there are also many ways to use it in beauty care and as home remedies treatment. Baking soda is very easy to find in supermarkets and nearly every house has it. There are many cosmetic products with a high cost that give exactly the same result as baking soda does. Here are some of the ways you can use the baking soda for beauty care, such as skin, hair, mouth, nails ect.

Hair Treatment. If you are having a difficult time to remove then hairspray and make it clean from any buildup then baking soda is the right choice for you, it removes all the cosmetics products that shampoos fails to do.

In order to remove the oil buildup from your hair, there is another way on how to use the baking soda, first you will need three tablespoon with baking soda, a cup with warm water, mix it together and wash your hair with it.
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Skin Treatment. If rough skin is your problem, then we have the solution. This also works for your feet. This is very easy to do and you will is fundamental results. You will need to create a past with baking soda, so you will need one part water and three part baking soda, like this you will create a smooth paste to apply in the areas where your skin have gotten rough.

For men: Baking soda works very well as a pre-shave for men with a sensitive skin. In a cup with water add a tablespoon with baking soda and apply it before shaving, it will help to maintain a smooth skin without irritation.

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Mouth and Whitener. It’s been awhile since I first heard about this home remedy on teeth whitening, and I would highly recommend it to everyone that wants to whitener their teeth, after all isn’t this what we all want? Perfect smile and white teeth?
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Instead of normal toothpaste use a baking soda homemade toothpaste, very easy to do and great results, mix the toothpaste with a little bit of water just to create the paste you desire and after brush your teeth with it, do this in daily bases for a few days and you will definitely see great results.