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Beauty Tips for Face


Being beautiful is the blessing of God but looks beautiful is the way to show being perfect.

Everyone wants to look stylish and beautiful in his own ways. Some for this sake follows Fashion and new unique styles. From boy to girl everyone is trying to make his self the most handsome, beautiful and good looking personality. From which others are totally jealous.

Face is one of the major parts of body on which our personality depends. As our face is fresh than its mean we are happy in mood. Beauty Tips for Face beautiful skin


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Now here I will share some Beauty Tips for face. From which we can make our face beautiful and fresh. Below are some Beauty tips for face.


For scrub major thing we use is lime juice. As it removes dead cells from our face and give a new look.  For this type of scrub, with lime juice, we need some other things like almond oil, sea salt, cotton wool for cleaning. Firstly we mix almond oil and sea salt in lime juice. With your fingers apply this paste on your face in a circular motion. Lime is very beneficial for removing pimples marks or scars fading from the face Beauty Tips for Face 550px Make a Basic Homemade Facial Scrub Step 11

Oily Skin

Tomatoes are considered as best treatment for removing of oil from face. A tomato provides cooling effect to our face and makes it fresh. Actually tomato is of acidic nature. As it helps in balancing the skin and remove plenty of oil. For this First apply just tomato pulp on your face and let it dry for 15 minutes then wash it with warm water.

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Cucumber and lemon juice

For removal of blackheads  and have a fairer skin we like to use cucumber and lemon juice. This gives us a bright look. Beauty Tips for Face Curing blackheads


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 Beauty Tips for Face treatment for blackheads on nose


So by using these amazing tips we can make our face gorgeous and can become a part of list of beautiful and impressive peoples.