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Bentonite Clay Beauty Recipes, Homemade

Bentonite Clay Facial Mask
Bentonite Clay Facial Mask

Bentonite Clay is used as a base for many dermatological formulas, and that is because bentonite works as a cleaner on the skin, it removes the oil and makes your skin tighter. As you can see there are many ways to benefit from this natural cleanser. Here are some homemade recipes on how to prepare Bentonite Clay.

Younger- looking skin. As we mentioned above, ones of Bentonite Clay effects is by tightening your skin, so that means a younger and better look.  For this mask you will need one tablespoon of calcium bentonite clay and two tablespoon of rose water. After mixing these two ingredients together, apply it on your skin and leave it there for about 15 to 20 minutes. After wash your face with warm water, if you this for about a week or two great results will follow. Easy and natural, for a younger looking skin this all you need.

Bentonite Clay Beauty Recipes, Homemade  benton cl
Bentonite Clay Facial Mask


Acne Treatment with Bentonite Clay.  This paste is made by only two ingredients, Bentonite clay and green tea.  Easy to find and with a low cost. You can also add aloe vera if you like, is up to you if you think you like it or not. The result still will be the same even without it.  Apply it on your skin and wait until it dries completely and then wash it with warm water.

Skin irritation.  If your skin has been itching and its getting quiet annoying then with only little bit of water and bentonite clay you can make a paste and apply it on the itching area.

Bentonite Clay Beauty Recipes, Homemade  Bentonite clay
Bentonite Clay

Dry Skin Feet.  Rough skin on your fit is not only annoying and ugly to look at but sometimes when it gets quiet rush it can get even bit painful to walk on, that’s why taking care of your feet is a must not only in summer but also in the winter.  Here is an easy, great paste to prepare for rough skin on your feet. You will need two parts of bentonite clay, one part olive oil, distilled water and three tablespoon of kosher salt. Leave it on your feet for some minutes and then wash it with warm water and then dry it with tower. If you do this everyday, you will say goodbye to rough feet skin once for good.