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Best Cashmere Scarf Styles


I have discussed and penned down many time about various accessories which are exclusively used as neck wraps for the purpose of style or to cover yourself and to protect from cold. Out of these scarfs hold significant important and this is surely not the first time when I am writing about scarves and the trends and styles which have been introduced in this respect. Similarly, I have even discussed a particular scarves as well like silk, pashmina, etc. Today, I am bringing for all my readers yet another type of scarves which is worn quite frequently by both men and women. I am talking about the Cashmere scarf.

I am sure you all have seen and have worn a cashmere scarf but very few people know its name and what exactly a cashmere scarf looks like. Like silk scarf is made from silk so obviously cashmere scarves are made from cashmere wool which is basically a type of fibre which we get from particularly cashmere goats. As this exist mainly as hair so that is why it is called as a type of fibre rather than wool. Cashmere is also an old way of representing the word Kashmir. If we talk about the texture of this fabric then it is strong, light, and soft in nature. It is mainly used to make materials which can be used as an excellent source of insulators. Hence, cashmere scarves are very much popular especially in winters to protect oneself from cold.

So as winters are around I am taking this opportunity where I will feature some of the Best Cashmere Scarf Styles which are most likely to be in trend this winter. Let me again tell you that these scarves are equally popular among men and women. But according to my opinion men are commonly seen wearing these. In winters they wrap it around their necks in different styles with sweaters and pants. These give them an elegant look and believe me men look damn handsome in this look. Likewise women and young girls specially wear these in winters again with jeans, tops, long coats and boots.

What I like best about these scarves is that they not only bring style and elegance in one’s personality but also protect from cold in the best possible way. Their warmth can be compared to all best warm fabrics. So now I will display some of these latest styles which I have gathered after doing a lot of research. So scroll through this list of images and do give in your feedback.

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Best Cashmere Scarf Styles Cashmere Scarves


Best Cashmere Scarf Styles Filippa K M Cashmere Scarf Derby Melange 01


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Best Cashmere Scarf Styles mens cashmere scarves


Best Cashmere Scarf Styles pangolin cashmere scarf


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Best Cashmere Scarf Styles top quality authentic cashmere scarf