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Best Lipstick Color for Your Skin Tone


There are so many lipstick colors on the stores, red, brown, nude, pink – that sometimes choosing which one to buy/ or use it can be a little bit difficult. But I would suggest the best lipstick color is the one that matches with your skin tone and not your outfit. Yes maybe you want to use a red lipstick to match it with a classy black dress, but if it doesn’t look good with your skin tone, probably it will not look good with your outfit also. Below you will find some of the best colors you can use according to your skin tone.

1- Pale Skin: Now if you have a pale skin, you have to be careful what lipstick color you use. You can always go to the beach or take some sunshine but it still won’t change your natural skin tone during the winter; therefore I would recommend you use a nude, peachy lipsticks or just a gloss.

Red lipstick for pale skin is also a great idea but only if you choose the right shade, which is medium red, not dark or too intense.

What to avoid? I would suggest you avoid dark shades, such as brown, dark red or burgundy shades because are very contrasting with your skin tone.

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2- Dark Skin: If you have a dark skin, then I would say you are lucky! Because nearly all kind of lipstick shades would look good on you; Orange lipstick or coral shades are very recommended, and a gloss on top of the lipstick to make your lips look even more full.

What to avoid? You better avoid milky or very light shades because would be very contrasting with your skin tone.

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3-If you Skin has yellow undertone: blue based reds will suit perfectly to this kind of skin tone, or just gloss to make your lips shine.  Bronze shades are also perfect during the summer for this tone skin.

What to avoid?  I would suggest you stay away from purple because it will only make your skin look more yellow.

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* If you are Asian: for Asian women I would recommend coral lipstick and lipgloss because we all know Asian women have full lips, therefore this kind of shades will match perfectly to you and your beauty!

*If you are Indian: for Indian women I would recommend colors and more colors! Try pink during the day and brick red for night events.

*If you are middle eastern: nude lipsticks will match perfectly to you, especially as you probably have the famous long lashes of middle eastern (s0 jealous).