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Best Lipstick Shades for Fall/Winter 2012


Choosing the right lipstick that suits best to fall seasons or your eyeshadow is not that easy as you think. We all have seen some big fails of make ups everywhere, and why is that? Because we don’t always know everything, especially when it comes to fashion where it changes very fast, every year every season.  Here are some tips on how to choose the best lipstick for this fall/winter starting from light colors till red and dark ones.

Red Lipstick 

When choosing to wear a red lipstick keep in mind that eyeshadow should be as lighter as possible, really light colors, start from beige to just eyeliner and mascara, doing a heavy eyeshadow with red lipstick is just terrible. Avoid red lipstick if you have thin lips, red lipstick need full lips in order to look as amazing as it should, wearing red lipstick with thin lips will just make it look thinner.

Best Lipstick Shades for Fall/Winter 2012  Red Lipstick

Nude Lipstick           

Nude lipstick trick stands all on your skin tone, if you are too pale then a nude lipstick will make you look washed.  When wearing nude lipstick always use blush, it is recommended bronze color so it will give your face the right color and shadow. Nude lipstick can be matched with any eye shadow, and this is the amazing part, you don’t have to worry on matching lipstick with your eyshadow, you can go for dark colors, heavy make up, put a nude lipstick and you will look great and fabulous

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Purple/ Dark Lipsticks 

Dark Lipsticks such as purple or dark brown shows a sign of mystery and mood. Some people don’t dare to wear these colors outside of their bedroom but for others who love them here are some great tips.  Medium and deep skin tones, are the ones in which this colors suit perfectly and give an amazing look. This kind of lipstick is recommended to be wore during the evenings or night, its not much of a daily lipstick. It looks great with dark color outfits also such a black, dark blue or any other you like.

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