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Best Nail Designs and Colors for Fall/Winter 2012

Purple Velvet Nails
Purple Velvet Nails

Nail Designs change a lot from season to season, that’s why is good to follow the fashion rules on nail designs for a better look. Most of these designs can be done in the comfort of your house with only a little knowledge and tips, I am sure each of you can make it. Nail designs are an art; it takes a bit of patient and a lot of fun on doing it. Every girl loves to play with different colors and designs on nails I believe, here are some nail designs for this fall/winter 2012 to inspire and make your nails look fabulous.

Velvet Nails 

Steps on how to do it yourself: First of all you need to clean your nails with a nail polish remover to make sure there is not any oil left on them.  Apply the coat of manicure you like which I’d suggest a dark purple one or just some dark colors in general but in this one I am explaining is about dark purple.  The after applying the first coat let it dry and in few minutes go for a second round to make the color darker and better. I always apply twice the manicure myself. Now as the second manicure is still wet, is time to add some velvet all over the nail, make sure every part of it is covered, and use a little brush to take off the crushed velvet. Do this in all of your nails and leave it dry for 10-15 minutes. This how velvet nails is done.

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Purple Velvet Nails
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What You Need to Make the Purple Velvet Nails


Polka Dot 

Black and White. This amazing design of polka dot is quiet in fashion this fall and that is because its fabulous and easy to do. Creating different size of polka dots in your nails, with only two colors black and white, will make your nails look trendy and fashionable.

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Polka Dot Nail Design



Red Nails look amazing and classy, they can be combined with different clothes color, but as its winter and you most likely will be wearing dark colors, red nails is what you need. Wearing a black classy dress for Christmas or New Year, with red nails is just wow. There are different designs you can try on red nails also, here is one to stimulate your imagination.

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Red Nail Design With Rhinestones

This Nail design may look complicated but is not, all you need is a little brush and little rhinestones which are quiet cheap and easy to find everywhere. You will also need a bit of patient with the white design but I am sure once you try the first nail, the other ones will come easier to do. Hope you guys enjoy it these trends for fall/winter.