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Busana Muslim is an Indonesian term which means Muslim fashion. Islam does not restrict you from doing fashion, if you follow it within your limits. But, the fashion which is done forgetting your limits is harmful for you and beyond the teachings of Islam. Muslims are not conservative. They also follow fashion and trend but, within the limit of their religion and customs. Any fashion or trend which is adopted by a person in Muslim community beyond his/ her religious boundaries is not liked at all.

Muslim fashion has its own attraction. It is full of modesty, simplicity and style. This fashion is followed by many people in various countries and regions whether Muslim or Non-Muslim.

If you want to look fashionable, you need to concentrate on your dressing. Dressing is a major part of a person’s personality. People are more conscious about their dressing than they were ever before. Whether men or women, they want to look awesome. It is the inner desire of every woman to look pretty. Various brands are emerged out which provides you with a line of dresses. Various fashion designers are working on designing and stitching, to provide you with a range of modern dresses.

There are various views of different people about Islamic dressing and fashion. A group of people consider Islamic dressing to be conservative while others take it as a symbol of religion and values. Dressing should be moderate. It should cover your body. Keeping the modesty view of people about clothing, various brands provide you with a variety of dresses which are appealing and attractive. This vast collection provides you with clothing which is modest as well as trendy, simple and attractive.

Various brands provide you with modest, classy and elegant dresses which are not only the symbol of Busana Muslim but are also eye capturing. Dressing which is modest, is appealed by the women of today. Modern women of today like to wear modest dresses. These dresses have captured the whole era. Busana Muslim has represented the beauty in the clothing of women.


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1:Busana Muslim selvia aline rp 79 000

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