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I have discussed this quite a number of times about what is a Hijab and how one can wear it. Similarly I have also pointed out that Hijab is a kind of universal dress which can be worn by any women no matter to which caste, creed or religion she belongs to. But talking more precisely Hijab is a dress code which is exclusively defined for Muslim women and all Muslim women must wear Hijab. As I have already mentioned that any one care wear Hijab so this term is rephrased differently in different languages. Obviously, if I am familiar with the term Hijab then a person living in some other part of the world may or may may understand this term.

Here comes the language issue which most of us encounter. But despite of all these facts when it comes to Hijab or covering yourself properly one question is common everywhere. This question is “How to wear Hijab?” One can teach this to others in different ways either manually or via some online video tutorial or through audio. But keeping in mind the clarity then I think that video tutorials and teaching it personally is the best way.

“Cara Memakai Hijab” – You must be thinking what have I written just a while ago. Some might consider it as a typo error. But those who belong to Indonesia or understand Indonesian language then the can understand it quite well. Cara Memakai Hijab is an Indonesian sentence which means “How to wear Hijab?” Yes! now you must be smiling I am sure! You might come across this term and in the first place you can think it as some kind of Hijab or some special way to wear a Hijab but in reality it is simply a language twist nothing else. Why I am emphasizing so much on this is the fact because I have already mentioned some time before that Hijab is not restricted to some particular area. Anyone can wear it.

So in my today’s article I will particularly addressing all those readers who understand Indonesian language and for this purpose I am bringing some of the Cara Memakai Hijab Styles which you can try out in your daily routine. These all styles are represented pictorially in the form of pictures where every step is labeled with numbers in ascending order. So scroll through this list and let us know which of the displayed styles you liked the most.

Cara Memakai Hijab  1.tips cara memakai jilbab bag 2. jpg


Cara Memakai Hijab  c26140495606511557f7fab0f781f134 cara memakai jilbab segi empat


Cara Memakai Hijab  Cara Memakai Jilbab Panjang


Cara Memakai Hijab  Cara Memakai Jilbab Pashmina Simpel


Cara Memakai Hijab  Cara memakai Jilabab


Cara Memakai Hijab  cara memakai jilbab segi empat modern untuk remaja


Cara Memakai Hijab  cara memakai jilbab yang nyaman saat berkacamata


Cara Memakai Hijab  cara memakai pashmina siffon


Cara Memakai Hijab  Gambar Cara Memakai Jilbab 2