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Cleopatra Beauty Secrets, Ancient Egypt


Cleopatra the seventh, the last queen of Egypt for which two of the most powerful men of that time died fighting for her beauty. She was one of the most beautiful women of that time; she was obsessed on looking good, she wanted a glowing skin and men falling in her knees, therefore she had her own beauty recipes.

If you are curious to know what they where and if you want to apply it to yourself, then below you will discover some of the beauty secrets; because she and her beauty died but not her recipes, those have been passed generation after generation and today we passing them to you:

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Milk and Honey Baths
Ancient Egypt is known for big discover and inventions therefore we are not surprised that they already knew what we know today; and that is the benefits of milk and honey in our skin. Roman women were really surprised on this; they had no idea that Egyptian women really knew how to treat themselves. Cleopatra was a beautiful woman but on that beauty, some good recipes played a big role and that is milk and honey. Apparently she always added milk and honey on her tub. Honey help you get rid of dead skin and milk can help you regenerate new skin cells. You can also try this yourself, and I am sure you will be amazed; glowing, clean skin that will add light on your beauty.

Sea Salts
A sea salt recipe was found written in a papyrus. It is obvious that Egyptian women loved to take care of their skin; you can also apply this on the comfort of your house. The recipes it’s as described below:
– Honey (one part)
– Natron- as a substitute you can use baking soda (one part)
– Egyptian salt- you can use Dead Sea salt (less than one part)

Mix these three ingredients together and then apply it all over your body. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes and then wash it off.

Rose Water
Cleopatra was human too, and yes she did have acne. Of course on that time it wasn’t as bad as now because of their healthy lifestyle and clean environment but rose water was discovered and Cleopatra used it to remove the dark marks. Rose water makes your dark marks and acne disappear. Try it and you will be amazed by the result.
These are some of Cleopatra’s beauty secrets, I am sure there are more; that woman was a rare beauty and she definitely had many recipes and secrets that made her name a legend.