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Collection of Pakistani Dresses


If we categorize various countries of the world based on the geographical locations then the continent of Asia enjoys a key position in every aspect. Within this region the are which comprises of the South Asia has been a point of interest since ancient times. This is the reason why the history of subcontinent holds major importance. All the important kings of the past have conquered this land be it Mughals, Britishers, etc. This region remained under the rule of tyranny for quite a long period of time till it was not in August 1947 when two states of Pakistan and India came into being.

Since its creation the land of Pakistan is ideally geographically, economically and politically. This land was created in the name of Islam and the foundation of this nation lies on the fundamentals of this religion. Pakistan and its people are quite enthusiastic and they bear a rich culture, art and traditions. Generally speaking there are 4 provinces and every province represents an entire different way of life and traditions. This is really a gifted nation as it get to enjoy all colors of nature be it in the form of weathers, rivers, mountains, deserts, etc. That is why the location of Pakistan is ideal in every sense and the entire world keeps an eye on this nation and its people.

As I have already mentioned that 4 provinces are there are each has its own identity so talking about the way of dressing, then it also varies from one province to another. In my today’s article I will be showing you some of the Pakistani dresses which are in trend these days. Mostly the people of Pakistan wear Shalwar kameez but with time many variations have been seen. One can say the concept of Shalwar Kameez has been a bit diversified as now trousers, long shirts, kurtis, churi pajamas, satright pants, plazzos, etc. all are in trend are people wear these according to their needs and requirements. These were the shades of some eastern dresses. But Pakistanis do wear western dresses as well. Yound girls go wear jeans and shirts along with coats, jackets, etc. Similarly those who wear Hijab normally wear abayas, gowns, etc. and use scarfs and gloves to cover their head and hands. Girls also wear Hijab with western dresses and look elegant. Likewise, the formal dresses are also there which people wear on special occasions like weddings, eid, etc.

So let’s have a look at these images and do give in your feedback regarding this collection. I hope that you will like it. Also share these dresses with your friends on all the social platforms.

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