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Comfortable Long Dress Combinations


If you want to opt for covering yourself well, but are hesitant for the typical abaya trends; don’t worry. Every thing has a solution to it. The best way to get used to wearing abayas is to opt for long dresses at first. Don’t go straight to the veil and and hijab thing if you don’t feel like it. Just start with long dresses that cover yourself. Once you get used to these, I am 100% sure you will love them very much. Simple long dresses are fun to wear. You look really elegant, classy and chaste as well. Have a look on the combinations we have picked up for you.

The first pick is a very simple dress. It is a plain mauve colored gown that has a cute stitching cut. the dress is having a same colored belt, and a big flare at the bottom. The most interesting part of this dress is it’s sleeves. The loose and big bell-bottom sleeves look very nice with such gowns. Hence they are used in this dress. The color is also very catchy.

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Pink is definitely your weakness as a woman. In this dress pink is combined with purple to give very delicate feminine look to this dress. The pleated skirt is in pink color and the shirt is in purple. To give more funky look to the dress, the sleeves are also made of purple color. the hijab used with this dress has hint of both pink and purple in it.

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Silk is one amazing fabric for females. It is very glorious stuff. This dress is in silk. The elegant emerald color paired with golden scarf and golden belt; is out if the world kind of dress. The long flare of the gown is looking very nice because of the slippery fall of the silk. The cuffed sleeves are stitched in it as they look very graceful. The clutch is also in gold color.

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Same is the case in this sky blue dress. Only the color combinations are changed. This combination is also very nice and different.

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If you like to have more colors in your dress, this is for you. Green, magenta, and black; all are used in this long dress. The colors are used very wisely so that they look good together.

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