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Constipation (Qabaz) symptoms

Constipation Qabaz

Constipation it’s a delicate topic not many like it, but anyone that have deal with this, knows how annoying and painful it can be.

Constipation it affect anyone at any age, nearly all of us have deal with it at some stage of our life. When bowel movements become less every time , is then when the constipation begins. Bowel movements are not the same at any person, some have it 3 times per day and others only once or twice a week so it can various from person to person, if you pass three days without any bowel movement then we suggest you see the doctor because it will get more difficult as time goes by.

If your muscles don’t function good then you have a problem.
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The symptoms of Constipation:
Abdominal pain, cramping, discomfort
Nausea, vomiting it all comes from the stomach
Difficulty with bowel movements

Some of the reasons that cause Constipation:
Not enough water, you should drink daily 6 to 8 cap of water, is very important for a healthy body to drink plenty of water.
Stress, we know that stress have a big impact in all our body, so take it easy, don’t stress and let it go.
Eating disorders, that’s why I healthy diet with plenty vegetables and fruits is very recommended, if you eat healthy food, you will have a healthy body.

You can diagnose Constipation by:
Blood analyses

Usually Constipation affect older people ,some of them are scared to get poised by them own wastes and others just worried about the pain that it cause both no matter what, it is important to look carefully at the symptoms and always visit a doctor if you notice any of these symptoms, don’t neglect it, as with the passing time your body will just get worse.