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Cover your head with crown of hijab


Ah amazingly! I am going to write this article for making you the prince of your own world. Here you will get to know how to wear hijab styles in a way to give an elegant look with a mix of royalty. Here the hijab wearing is given in a step wise way. Let us look and follow the guidelines:

Step 1 – 3:

Let us start with how to wear hijab styles by wearing the caps and then the shawl in a perfect way. First of all, fit the head cap on to the head and cover the head and the shoulders with the scarf. Now you will make the bow style by putting the scarf cross way at the back and then you will bring it back to the front while making its curve over the top of the head. You will make the headed crown on to the head by giving several folds on to the head.

Step 4 to 6:

Now you will keep on folding the scarf over the head and thus will gratify the query about how to wear hijab styles in an incredible way. The folds will be 5 in number. If you want a ig headed crown over the head then you will pick the large scarf with the many folds.

Hijab with high hears – Pop up elegancy:

Cover your head with crown of hijab how to wear hijab3

The query about how to wear hijab styles in this case will be somehow different. Here you will take start while making your hair style. Yes, the looks of the hijab will be dependent on the height of your hairs that you will catch. So, look at the steps and follow a big blooming hijab style:

Step 1 – 5:

Here the answer to how to wear hijab styles is somehow different. Here first of all you will pick the comb and will give a high to your hairs. Pin up your hairs and catch them to a peaked height. Now start folding your upper top with your scarf. YOU will fold the scarf until your right shoulder and then you will put it at back of your ear. At back of hair, you will give a twist and then leave the lose turn of the scarf.

Step 6 – 10:

Now give a wing of the scarf and cover the chest. Make a roll in the front and thus finish the mark about how to wear hijab styles.

Add burg to your scarf and double its looks:

Cover your head with crown of hijab how to wear hijab2

1 – 5 step:

Here you will add the burg to your scarf for enhancing its looks. how to wear hijab styles is not much difficulty here. Look at the mage above and start catering it. Open the scarf, start wearing it on your head and then make a fold. Now you will stiff the pin at fold-to-fold. At the ended fold you will put the embroider patch or the burg or a fashioned pin. This is how you will wear the hijab to enhance the beauty.