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Cracked Heel Remedy: At-Home Treatment

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There are many people now days who suffer from cracked heels, and it can be as painful as annoying and ugly to the eye. Cracked heels are caused from pressure on the feet on dry environment, it can be winter shoes or sandals they both have the same effect on feet. There are many crèmes in the pharmacies for cracked heels but we thought to bring something else, more economic and which you can do it on the comfort of your own house.
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Get your feet wet, it should not be with hot water, instead do that with warm water. Take a basin and fill it with warm water, now take a cup with milk and add it on the basin, if you have oil you can also add the oil as it will make your cracked heels more soft.

For about 15 minutes keep your feet on the basin, they will hydrate and skin will take all the minerals needed.

A good treatment starts with a lotion. It can be any lotion as long as it helps to cure the skin from the dead cells, Apply the lotion on your clean feet, a good massage on the feet with lotion will take out the dead skin.
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You have to do this daily, for few days in a row to see positive results, because it cannot magically make the cracked heels disappear but if you work on it we promise positive results.

Don’t forget to do this two times per day and put plenty of Vaseline in your feet, it well help for the dead skin that is created there.

Do that before you go to bed and always put socks on while sleeping, like this the Vaseline will tend to stay longer and give a more strong result.