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Cure your headache

Headache Treatment

The various forms of headache, migraines, cluster headache, tension headache, each have a specific treatment that is correlated with causes that cause pain. Therefore, it is essential to identify with greater precision the kind of headache in question and its characteristics.

To do this you can use a headache diary, where you record symptoms, triggers, and generally everything that accompanies the painful crisis. Is a useful tool for a precise diagnosis and to allow the doctor to choose the best therapy.
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Another method to monitor your headache is to fill out the Midas (Migraine Disability Assessment Scale), a scientific test that calculates the degree of disability caused by headaches.

Once you have determined the nature of the headache, you can choose the most suitable treatment, which is almost exclusively of drug type in the case and cluster headache.
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An important precaution to be taken during the crisis of headache is the rest: darkness, silence and sleep.

To receive specialized assistance and have information on causes, treatment and prevention of headache is useful to turn to specialized centers for the study and treatment of headache.