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Cute Abayas For Little Fairies


At first, abayas was attracting to grown up girls and older ladies as they wanted to cover themselves up. But as we see, kids follow their elders and want to adopt all the things their parents do. Same is the case with the abaya trends. Little girls love to wrap hijab and wear abayas on their own demand. It is really cute thing as little doll-like girls look even more heavenly and angelic in their chaste attire. They are real fairies in my opinion. Here are a few ideas of abaya for your little fairy!

The first abaya is a simple one. A simply stitched abaya in black color is given a little color at the neck and ends of sleeves. The cute loose V-like patch is stitched on the neck covering the whole neck of the girl. The same triangular edge is given in the sleeves as well. A small tussle is also hanging in the front to give an attractive look. This abaya is a closed one and doesn’t open in the front. It is good as kids will find it easy to carry around. Both colors used in this design are cute.

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These two little girls are wearing the hijab as well. The abaya is kind of similar to the ones showed above, but these have more detailed patch of colored cloth on the edges of sleeves. The matching hijabs worn are adding much more to the grace of these young ladies!

Cute Abayas For Little Fairies Cute abayas for kids

Okay these next ones are the show-stopper for sure! Cute birds are embroidered on the backs of these abayas. And hijabs that the girls are wearing are of the colors present in the embroidery. This design can be worn on some events as it is more than simple. The chic look of these abayas are really cute. And as these will be worn by kids, they will look even more trendy and attractively cute.

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