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Cute and Creative Ways to Tell Your Husband That You’re Pregnant


Becoming a parent is one of the life biggest joys. Waiting months or years to see that positive answer on pregnancy test can be frustrating but once you see it, you’ll want to tell to your husband as soon as possible. You can run and hug him all excited and let him know that you soon will become parents or just wait and find some really creative ways to let him know. For some of you can be a little bit hard to wait, and others may find it useless; but let me tell you that if you really make something nice before you tell him, it’s going to be cute, romantic, joyful and unforgotten day. The message itself is going to make the day unforgotten but the way you send the message to other person has its own importance.
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Below you will find some creative ways to let know your husband that you are pregnant.

1 There is an old saying “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and if this is true then this would be a good way to tell him that you’re pregnant. I also suggest that you present your positive pregnancy test in a little gift with this meal. Only if you think your husband would prefer it to be a intimate setting. Of course if your husband is a friendly and outward character, I would suggest taking him to his favorite restaurant, café, place, etc. Ask the manger if you could bring the gift to your table after finishing the meal, so he can share his excitement with the staff , patrons and he will feel important because of the attention. Most likely you could get dessert free as a gift from the chosen venue.

2 “Will you be a father?”- Remember the place where your husband asked you to marry him? Was it romantic and unique? Well you better bring that day back. Try to make things look like the day he proposed, get a cute small box but instead of a ring in it, write a small piece of paper saying will you be a father?, he will jump of the seat, same like you did when he proposed you.

3 Printed t-shirt. It can be a little bit annoying for us women to deal with printed t-shirt that men love so much, with funny stuff written all over. But what if you get to your husband a printed shirt saying: “soon to be the world’s best dad”! Believe me, he is going to love it and of course drop a tear when he reads that.

4 Fortune cookie. Make a fortune cookie for your husband where it says: you will be a dad on – (date). He will be caught by surprise and is really a sweet way to show him how much he means to you by putting so much love on letting him know that his life is going to change forever, by being blessed with a child.

5 Make a short movie. With all the technology going on nowadays, you can easily make a short movie by editing together pictures, words, music, all in a place. Tell your husband that you want to show him a short movie, and let him watch it and enjoy the look on his face, the sparkle on his eyes, and the love on his heart.