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Cute, Casual Hijab Outfit


When it comes to casual dressing is important to keep it as simple as possible but in the same time stylish and fashionable. We all want to look good no matter where we go- choosing the right outfit for college, a walk with your friends or wherever you go is not that difficult; but I thought to bring to you some of the best outfits and hijab matched together and I hope it will help you match your outfit in a different and better way.

1- Lets start with this beautiful casual outfit. There is nothing better matched in cold winter days than a maxi dress with a short leather jacket, add there a floral hijab and just perfect. The light neutral color of maxi dress gives you the change to wear a floral hijab. This outfit is perfect to were throughout the day no matter where you go; You will feel comfortable and fashionable in the same time because this combination is so simple yet so adorable!

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2- Grey and White. Two simple colors yet so cute when they are combined this way. You can make this combination with other colors you like but keep in mind to only add two colors to your outfit if you go for this style. Adding a third color will ruin the looks.


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3- White Outfit can be a perfect choice in shinny days. Matching it with a colorful hijab will make the outfit look fresh and cute in the same time. White Skinny jeans look better on heels and therefore she have wore it in the right way. Matching the heels with the envelope bag is a smart choice when you wear an outfit like this.

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4- Brown is a great color match for winter and autumn, it leaves you with many choices of colors and designs – on matching it with hijab. Black and brown with a designed shirt underneath will make you feel very cozy during the day and you will feel good with yourself knowing you have made the perfect combination for the day.

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Hope you enjoyed this outfits and like the idea of matching them with different colors and hijabs designs!