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Being a mom means that your focus is on your children and their well being mainly; Especially on the first few months after they’re born, but losing the baby weight and getting back on your shape is another problem; but what is important as well  is your wardrobe;

I don’t have any kids myself, but I know that not only on special events but also on your daily basis, is good to have your own style still and wearing the ‘moms clothes’ can be cute. Being a single girl, then getting married and after having babies means a lot of changes; probably when you were just married, you had all the time and desire to look closely into your wardrobe as well as your makeup kit, but how about now?

Outfit becomes even simpler when you are a mom, because there’s not much time or focus on what to wear as you probably do when you not. However, important is to have a good time and prepare your kids for life and future

Enjoy the pictures below, and if you have any pictures to share with us, just send it and I will make sure to include it in here.

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