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Cute Updo Hairstyle.


Beauty is the grace of men. Having beautiful face with a stylish hair style gives an amazing look.  Hairs are the main thing which can make ones beautiful. As hair styles gives a new or unique look.

But for this hairs must be shiny, healthy and strong.  So they can easily handle.

Long hairs are the major problem. For this here I will introduce you a new and awesome hair style for girls i.e. cute updo Hairstyle which can give women a new look in party. This will gives a dress a unique way to represent your hairs in a stylish and fashionable way.

Items needed.


Rat-tail comb

Spray bottle

1 bun maker

1 large hair band

1 small hair elastic

2-3 goody spin Pins

2-3 bobby pins


Time taken

It just takes 5 minutes. So it can easily make. Its skill level is mediumCute Updo Hairstyle. Cute Updo Hairstyle 8


Cute Updo Hairstyle. Cute Updos For Long Hair 2



First make a high ponytail, securing it with using hair band. After that take a small part of a hair out of the ponytail in the back behind the right hair and let it fall while you can hold onto the rest of the ponytail. Slip the ponytail hairs through the bun maker, and snug it down and take care that the separated part of hairs must far away from the bun maker. Now put the hair fall over the bun maker. To make the bun look silky and complete come out all the tangles. After that quickly part the back hair and try to find the strand which is left in the back. By using this strand try to make 3-strad dutch braid with it. Now keep the braid tight near the base of the bun maker, continue braiding, adding hair into only the top strand. By this we can make a way around the base of the bun. After continue braiding you reach the place from where you started. Continue a simple and a smart 3-strand braid down the hairs left and save them by using small hair elastic.  On the main braid, take the tail portion and wrap it all around the main braid. All the hairs neatly fit under the main braid. By using bobby pins we can make the main braid more save against our head.Cute Updo Hairstyle. Womens Wedding Hairstyle Updos 1


Cute Updo Hairstyle. 102

Cute Updo Hairstyle. katie holmes 2011 em


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Cute Updo Hairstyle. Cute Easy Curly Hairstyle 41


Cute Updo Hairstyle. timthumb


By this simple ways we can get a cute updo Hairstyle. This hairstyle is mostly make on the formal functions.