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Dark Skin Problems? Home Remedies Tips


Dark Skin is usually genetics and it can look quite good at some people but if the dark skin get darker in some places or is partially darker and you don’t like the way you look then  there are few things to better your color skin and make it the way you want it, especially on the face. Dark skin can be caused because of many factors such as staying in the sun for a long time. Sun is good for the skin but not when it makes your skin look too dark. Also dehydration can cause darkening of the skin. If your body is not very good hydrated, than your skin will get darker in some are. Here are some home remedies you can use on bettering your skin:

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First of all drink plenty of water, at least eight glasses per day. We all know that water is the source of a healthy body and glowing skin, so the most important thing is water and eating healthy food.

1. This paste is made with juices of three ingredients such as cucumber, potato and lemon. Mix these three juices together and apply it gently to your face and neck for few minutes. Then leave it until it dries, and after wash it. Do these in daily bases everyday for about a week and soon you’ll see the amazing result of this mask. There are many cosmetic products that can better your skin but home remedies are the best and also way cheaper.

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2.This paste is made of fresh turmeric, and lemon juice, a spoon of it. Mix it together until it becomes like a smooth paste and apply to your face and neck and leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes, then wash it. It is recommended to wash it with cold water but even a bit warmer it’s ok if you can’t stand the cold water in your face.

3.This  night paste, you need to use it before sleep, In order to do it you will need almonds, make it like paste and put it every night in your face, in the morning use the almonds skin then wash it good with water.

4.Orange jest are know of its vitamins and healthy for the skin. In order to do this paste you will need some orange jest and curd, mix it together until you make a fine paste and apply it in your skin and leave it until it gets dry completely then wash it with water. Do this daily and I am sure great results with come for those who suffer from dark skin

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These remedies can be used for every body part where your skin has got darker and you want a better look. Home remedies are safe because are all natural and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredient for your skin.