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Decent Dresses For Weddings


Girls who wear hijab and abayas are always confused what to wear on events. As they don’t want to violate the dress code, also they want to dress up for an occasion too. Well for those it is a good news that long lengths of shirts and gowns are in trend these days! They can always shop for a long dress that fulfills the purpose of an abaya and a party dress as well. Wear a hijab over your head, and you are in your routine avatar with a spark!

Gowns with a signature style of prominent belt is very popular. You can take this style as a major inspiration and add a lot of other things to enhance the beauty of your belt. In this first dress you can see a simple long dress is worn with a hijab to give it the look of an abaya. While the lush cloth used and the embellishment of it on the belt is making it a little fancy as well. The sleeves are also made of the shiny cloth. The color is also very graceful.

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In the next one, same style is opted for belt; but the flare of the dress is made in a stylish cut. This way the flare looks more flowing and more trendy. The hijab worn is also in different style and it goes very well with the dress. The pleats on the bodice followed by the belt gives the dress very smart fitting and classy look. Both colors are very cute.

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In the purple one, the belt is made with a tricky stitching but from plain cloth. No embroidery is done on the belt, instead the bodice of the gown is made of lace net. Lace net is always very feminine stuff in women clothing. This dress is very elegant and very sophisticated one.

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If you are looking for some real party dress for events like weddings, these last two are for you. One has embroidery motifs on the bodice and a very nice cut in the flare beneath. While the other one has silver motifs on both shoulders. These two are very nice dresses for formal functions.

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