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DIY Handmade Shoes and Accessories


DIY Handmade shoes and accessories are part of latest trend. Everyone wants to style in hand made accessories and handmade shoes for unique look. Handmade accessories comprise of delicate and beautiful necklaces, earrings and rings that are elegantly designed into different styles to give ladies cool look. Handmade slippers and pumps both are uniquely painted, decorated and designed into amazing styles for giving smart and classy look all round the year. Lets have quick view of latest handmade accessories.

Handmade Shoes

Handmade shoes are very famous among people. Beautiful shoes are uniquely designed in bright and stunning colors to give smart look. Sneakers of black and blue colors are beautifully pained into beautiful blend of dark and sober color schemes to facilitate customer to pair them perfectly with their outfits.

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Beautiful patterns like circles, cartoon characters or flowers are pained on sneakers for fabulous look. Ladies pumps are also painted in contrast colors for graceful look. Simple slippers are beautifully decorated with fibers and beads to unique styles. DIY cloth is beautifully wrapped around simple slippers to give them colorful decent look.

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Handmade Necklaces and Earring

Handmade Jewellary comprises of delicate and colorful necklaces and necklaces that are designed with great zeal and zest. Handmade necklaces and earrings are made of colorful beads, exclusive pearls and stones which are available in distinct styles to grab attention of ladies. Beautiful beads are elegantly arranged around wire in organized pattern for designing a good necklace.

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Handmade bracelets are very famous among young girls. Girls love to wear traditional handmade bracelets for classy look. Handmade Bracelets of different colors like golden, silver, green and red are key fashion trend for this year.

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Handmade Collars

Collars add style and flare to our outfits. So collars are beautifully designed from simple net or embroidered cloth that are cut into different shapes like round collars, collars bend at edges. Then these collars are DIY to different colors that go best with classy outfits. Or collars are stitches from simple cloth and then these collars are painted with fabric paint and beautiful floral patterns are drawn to give collar stylish look.

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In short DIY Handmade Shoes and Accessories are very famous among people and designers are launching new handmade accessories to fulfill demands of people.