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DIY Scarfs Ideas





Summer is not over yet-but is always good to learn new methods on how to make your own scarves, although they are not very expensive it feels better when you don’t spend any of your hard earned money. Below are some awesome ideas you can try:

DIY Scarfs  Ideas: Find an old shirt which you no longer wear, scissors, and a plate or something that has the shape of circle to help you cut the shirt right. Cut the circle in different stripes such the picture indicates and then tie them all together; and there you have it. Beautiful scarf to wear on daily basis.

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DIY Scarfs Ideas

DIY Scarfs  Ideas: This is a great way to make two scarves into a fashionable two color one. Make sure the scarves you choose are not very large so it doesn’t get too big. Tie them based on the picture tutorial below that’s it! A beautiful and unique scarf that is going to ‘wow‘ everyone.

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DIY Scarfs Ideas

DIY Scarfs  Ideas: Do you ave a daughter, niece or any little girl in your life which you love and adore? i think we all do! If you can’t afford buying her new gifts, don’t worry… what matters is the desire and effort you will put, and i am sure she will love this scarf. Very cute !

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DIY Scarfs Ideas