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DIY Sparkly Athletic Shoes


Athletic shoes are very comfortable to wear both for summer and winter-however many women find them hard to combine because of the ‘masculine look’ ; but with the sparkly fashion styles going around, athletic shoes have turned into a feminine trend that seem to enjoy a huge popularity.

However, we all know that fashion doesn’t come cheap- that’s why buying sparkly athletic shoes is not affordable every everyone. But with the DIY picture tutorials below, you will learn how to create these beautiful shoe trend by yourself without spending a penny.

DIY Sparkly Athletic Shoes: All you need is a pair of old athletic shoes, or buy a pair of white ones that are quite cheap and easy to find at any shoe shop. Where I live they cost only around 5$.  Choose the color of the sparkles you want your athletic shoes to look like, glue them shoes on the areas you want to add the sparkles and that’s it. You can also add studs if you want them to look even more stylish.

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DIY Sparkly Athletic Shoes

DIY Sparkly Athletic Shoes: If too much sparkles is not your thing, then this tutorial below shall do for you. Add only some grey sparkly on certain areas (such as shown in the picture) and leave the rest white.

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DIY Sparkly Athletic Shoes

DIY Sparkly Athletic Shoes: I saw a pair of these athletic shoes at a store few weeks ago and they were around 80$ (same color, same design) I was like wow, that’s expensive! However, you can do this style by yourself without spending much. Just make sure to follow the tutorial carefully so you like the outcome.

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DIY Sparkly Athletic Shoes