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Engagement Rings Trends


Since a young age women dream about their wedding day, but before you can get to the wedding day, first is the engagement; and part of the excitement is the ring- which symbolize an eternity love, devotion and commitment. We see celebrities that of course- buy the best of the best- because they can. How would you want your engagement ring to be? Check below the latest trends…

White Gold Engagement Rings:

White gold is the trend lately; shops are filled with white gold engagement rings and seem that everyone loves them. They look stunning and shine so bright! If you like diamonds even better- a white gold ring full of diamonds that sparkle!

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings:

Are now called the ‘traditional ring”, call me old fashioned but I believe that yellow gold ring looks amazing! Engagement ring is the most important jewellery you will wear – after the wedding ring of course- so make sure you really like what you’re getting.

Now, here’s the question- after looking at these beautiful rings, which one would you choose, white or yellow gold? I would go for yellow myself. 

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