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European Makeup – The Beauty of Simplicity!

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Having it hard to choose the right make up ? Asking yourself why the European style always attract the eyes? Don’t know what eyeshadow fits best to you? In this article we will answer this questions and more…

The way you do the Makeup ,it doesn’t have to do only with your choice on how to do it and what color to apply but also with the environment you live. Generally the make is the same in the all countries but the difference is the style, the culture and of course the tradition of making the right make up for the right event.
In Europe we have a simple rule : always keep the makeup light in the morning or during the day. We don’t like to apply the black eyeshadow at 8 am or the red lipstick straight after bed ,well I also hope most of you don’t do that ! It’s just wrong .

I’d suggest that a light make must be done by using the beige eyeshadow mixed with a little bit brown on the eye corner so it will give the face a stronger impact and more deep/bigger eyes or put a black thin eyeliner.

When it come to powder I’d say it’s a matter of choice and having the right skin. If your skin is clear and bright than you don’t need the powder ,it’s always better not going too heavy with it. I ,myself use it everytime I go out because my skin gets red on delicate zones like cheeks and noise very easily.

Mascara and a light pink/orange lipstick will give your face that amazing natural look, fresh and full of light that everyone aspire to have.

European Makeup   The Beauty of Simplicity! How to do natural eye makeup
When we party ,we really go wild ! so we need something shinny and full of glamour ,a heavy makeup that can be seen on the darkness of the clubs !
So for this reason in Europe and in most of other places that really like parties I’d suggest to really experiment on the make up .Choose the color you like and put some more glitter on it to make it shinny and full of light.

For the brown eyes ,like myself I’d suggest colors like purple, dark purple and with the right tan your face will just amaze everyone ! also dark green, black combined with grey are really good choices. I wouldn’t go for blue ,pink, yellow or silver eyeshadow they will just make you look tired and out of fashion.
In difference of daily make up, for events or party’s I’d suggest powder ,bronze glimmer powder for the cheeks and a brown or pink lipstick, depends on the make up.

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I hope you guys enjoyed my ideas on how to do make up according to events from my experience life in Europe.