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Evening Make up Ideas


Evening Makeup changes a lot from the daily make up. During the day we tend to apply a more natural look, with  light color eye shadow , gloss and keeping it simple but when it comes to evening we want to look more fashionable, trend and make up is a very important part of that look. So here are some great make up ideas for evening events, clubbing, dates and everything else.

Let’s start with lipstick, instead of using just gloss  or peach try to make this a bit hotter by putting a pink or red lipstick and apply gloss after, shinny and full of color, a great look for evenings.

Apply concealer to cover the black cycles under your eyes before you even start the makeup, by doing so your face will look more fresh and make up will last longer

Going back on the ’80, red hot lipstick and a cream blush for your cheekbones, try to put the blush on the right angle sucking your cheeks.

Try the black pencil. Black pencil only without any eye shadow, it’s a great way to give the eyes the shape you want, you can play on the outer corners of your eye and make them look fabulous.
Nothing else can make your eyes more expressive than fake eye lashes! Combined with a black eye shadow it will make your eyes look bigger and full of life, ready to party!.

Glitter and more glitter, amazing look during the evenings. Silver or white glitters are much recommended during the evening
Eye liner, Rock en roll style. The good thing about this make is that it doesn’t have to be perfect and if it looks a bit messy, even better.

Make your eyes brighter with highlighter. Use a light eyeshadow and put it in the inner corners of eye and also a white pencil will make your eye look bigger and amazing. This makeup requires using only bright colors.

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