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Eye Make-Up Tips for Grey Eyes


Human traits are unique such as eye colour. Different people have different eye colours such as hazel, turquoise, blue, black and grey. Therefore, it is very important to recognize the fact that every eye colour needs to be treated differentially to bring them in spotlight.

Talking specifically of grey eye colour, we have brought you some valuable tips for stunning eye look. Usually, grey eyed people feel confused about the various shades and textures they can apply to their eyes. In fact, they don’t need to worry a lot because grey is an adaptable colour supporting neutral tones. Therefore, endless make-up styles can be used for greyish eyes. You can go for natural or shimmery looks as well as deep and dramatic looks. They can go for warm and cold shades depending upon your skin complexion.

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 Here are a few tricks to help out grey eyed people for a stunning make up style.

 Do’s for Grey Eye Make-Up

As a first and simple step, you can define your eyes with a black eye liner and then apply eye shades according to following guidelines:

  •  For casual looks, the ladies with strand toned skin can go for warm shades where as those with profound toned skin should go for colder shades.
  •  For evening or party make up, metallic shades suit best to give magic effect to the beauty of greyish eyes. Therefore, you can go smoky eye shades with silver, copper or gold colour.

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  • For a gorgeous eye make-up, another option could be the application of blue shades to lend your eyes a fabulous look.

After creating the desired effects with eye shades, don’t forget to apply mascara which will contribute to give your eyes a memorable look.

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 Don’ts for Grey Eye Make – Up

In addition to the simple tricks mentioned above pave your way towards an amazing eye make-up here are some small mistakes that could mess up your eyes and spoil your beauty.

  • Don’t go for the same colour shade as your natural colour, it will result in a dull, boring and uniform look and would spoil your unique features.
  • It is also advisable that you should not go for neon, orange and pink colours. Skip them because they will lend you an artificial look.

We hope that keeping these simple yet important tips will enhance the beauty of your grey eyes in a charismatic way.