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Get Rid of Bad Breath


The reason why your breath smells bad can various, such as throat infection, smoking, diabetes, gum disease ect.  When it comes to self care and hygiene breath plays an important role to our everyday life, a bad breath smell can be a turn off in relationship mostly but also school or work, in few words, everywhere you have contact with people face to face. Bad breath is usually more intense in the morning because of the dry mouth, breathing with an open mouth can lead to dryness and bad smell also does bad mouth hygiene. Here are some ways to get rid of the bad smell:

1.The first and most important thing when it comes the bad breath is a good hygiene, brushing your teeth in regular bases (2-3 times a day) as well as cleaning the tongue together with teeth, don’t neglect this, tongue can carry many bacteria’s so you have to keep a very strict mouth hygiene. Floss is very important, because left food can be stuck in your teeth for long time no matter how much you brush, floss can go at certain places where brush cannot, so floss regularly after every teeth brush.

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2.Never leave your mouth dry, because it will make your breath smell very bad. A dry mouth can be cause because of medication or just lack of water, so drink plenty of water not only for a good breath but because is vital for your body.

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3.Eat banana. Banana’s are know not only for benefits as a food that can help your body in many ways to feel better, but also it’s good for the throat and good breath, never go out without eating a banana, your breath will smell bad if you starve yourself, eat good and always keep in mind to eat fruits such as banana and apples

4.If none of the above is working then the best thing you can do is talk to a doctor, maybe the bad smell is coming because of throat infections so there is nothing much in your hands until you take medication. The bad breath can come because of many reason’s as we mention, so keep in mind to always talk with doctor if you do all the tips above and still have a bad smell.

5.Also avoid foods such as onion, spices, cheese, coffee’s ect. Eat  healthy food that will give to your mouth a fresh breath.