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Get Rid of Pimples, Fast!


Pimples are very annoying and we all want to get rid of them fast! And how can you do that? In this article I am about to explain the whole procedure step-by –step how to get rid of pimples fast. Pimples are created because of the excess oil getting stuck in the pores. We can’t prevent them, but we can clearly get rid of them quickly.

The Ice method. 

This method should be use only if the pimple is still under skin- I mean there is no white or black head appearing in the surface.

First, you need to wish your face so there will be no irritation or any unclean areas while you do it. Wash it like you normally do, then use a frozen pack or ice wrapped it in foil. After doing so, leave the ice in the pimple area for about ten minutes. I know that ice is hard to keep in your face but if you do this in regular bases 3-4 times a day, you will see amazing results.

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Hot method. 

This method is for advanced pimples, like when they have broken up into surface of your skin.  First take a face wash, clean and good quality so it won’t make it worse,  and then in a bowl filled with hot water, put the washcloth in it to make it wet and warm, then gently massage your face with it for about half hour, soak the washcloth many times in the hot water so it won’t get dry.

Get Rid of Pimples, Fast! Pimples

Then after finishing with a dry washcloth, dry your skin. Don’t push it hard because it can make the bacteria go dipper. After use some benzoyl peroxide or any other creams that doctor or pharmacist has recommended you.  With this method, you will get rid of pimples in only 2-3 days.